Thorough Examination

Thorough Examination for fork lift trucks is a mandatory check to ensure that the mechanical parts of your fork lift are in safe working order. It is not the same as regular maintenance/service – therefore it is the responsibility of the end users of the equipment to ensure this inspection is carried out. At Castle Mechanical Handling Ltd we provide thorough examination services nationwide.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 S.I. No. 299 cover Duties of employer, use of work equipment. An employer shall ensure that any work equipment provided for use by employees at a place of work complies, as appropriate, with the provisions of any relevant legislation relating to work equipment with respect to safety and health. 

Here is how the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines Thorough Examination: 

"Thorough examination of industrial lift trucks is required under health and safety law: LOLER 1998, which covers lifting equipment, and PUWER 1998, which deals with all other safety-related items, such as brakes, steering and tyres. Your regular inspections as part of a preventive maintenance scheme or scheduled service are not a thorough examination." 

Every fork lift truck must have a Thorough Examination at least once a year. However, LOLER 98 makes it clear that it could be more frequent than this, depending on the type of truck, its use and environment.

Thorough Examination Requirements

It is a legal requirement to have Lifting Equipment examined by a competent person

  • At 12 month intervals if used to lift materials 
  • At 6 month intervals if lifting accessories for lifting materials such as slings, hooks or equipment used to lift people.

Fixed lifting equipment must be tested as part of a thorough examination before being used for the first time. 

All lifting equipment must be tested after any substantial alteration or repair. 

Hydraulically-operated machines used to lift more than 1,00Kg should be fitted with check valves or some other suitable device to prevent collapse.

The following sections have been extracted from the regulations and relate to the Statutory Inspection and Certification of Lifting and Safety Equipment:

Period of thorough examination of lifting equipment, lifting accessory equipment or other misc. equipment

Description of lifting equipment or lifting accessory or other misc. equipmentPeriod within which a thorough examination must occur
Hoist or Lift6 Months
Mobile elevating work platform6 Months
Fork lift truck incl. interchangeable accessories12 Months (6 months if used to lift persons)

All information can be viewed on the Health and Safety Authority website:

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