Are you aware that every fork lift truck driver needs to be correctly certified? By having uncertified drivers operate fork lift trucks on your premises, you may be putting your business at risk. If there is an accident on your premises involving a fork lift truck, one of the first things an insurance company may look for is the relevant certification of the individual operating the machine.

With Castle Mechanical Handling, full and proper certification of your staff couldn’t be easier thanks to our F.A.C.T.S Service.

Fork Lift

We offer a range of courses that ensure any staff operating fork lift trucks as part of their job description will be fully trained and certified, ensuring a safer work environment.


  • We have courses to suit any level of competence, from Novice Driving Courses right through to Refresher Driving Courses for those who need to top up what knowledge they already have.

  • Castle Mechanical Handling can conduct courses on site in our Damastown, Dublin 15 premises or on your own business premises.

  • Our fully trained, knowledgeable course instructors will extensively cover all aspects of fork lift truck operation, including the all-important health and safety elements.

Whether you’re interested in the buying, hiring or servicing a Crown fork lift truck, call us today to hear more about what we offer. Feel free to pop by our Dublin 15 premises to inspect any models we have, we look forward to welcoming you.